Potato Lake Association,  Rusk County, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Potato lake has great fishing. With walleye, bass, northern pike many varieties of panfish and trophy muskies

you will be able use all your gear. Fishing off of the shore and docks can get real nice fish.

Potato Lake Association

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has information on Potato Lake in Rusk County.

Here are a few links you may find helpful:

Click for Lake map

DNR web page for Potato Lake in Rusk County

These referenced charts are from 2013 netting using special nets. The charts show that the

walleye stocking has been very successful, as has been the doubling of musky fingerlings.

The panfish are still overpopulated by a factor of 4 to 5, but hopefully the walleyes will start

to reduce their numbers. (Walleyes prey on small panfish much more than bass, northern or

musky.) Bass are over abundant, which causes a problem in that they consume almost all the

natural walleye fingerlings.