Potato Lake Association,  Rusk County, Wisconsin


Potato lake has great fishing. With walleye, bass, northern pike many varieties of panfish and trophy muskies

you will be able use all your gear. Fishing off of the shore and docks can get real nice fish.

Potato Lake Association

Here are some articles from our Fishing Committee

The Lake Association and the DNR, and others, have developed a Fish Management Plan to

manage the lake fisheries. We all decided the lake would be managed for Musky’s first, then

panfish, followed by walleyes, northern, and bass. The top goal is to maintain a good

population of muskys including a number of larger fish. The panfish are stunted and the

Lake Association has been planting large walleye fingerlings which are better predators for

the small panfish. Over $20,000 has been spent so far, through Association fund raising

efforts, on the stocking of large walleye fingerlings. Also, the number of musky stocked has

been doubled to 535 large fingerlings every other year since 2007, paid for by the DNR.